Make A Change to Natural Soap!

To make a change to natural soap can be done by changing one product at a time. I believe you can get awesome results with the use of natural products and it all starts with  STEP 1 … Your face cleanser… you will get gentle and effective results and cleansers are generally inexpensive so easy to start here.

What soap do you choose to gently wash your face, body or even your hair with?

My name is  Anna and I am totally addicted to Natural Beauty and Skincare. Being in the beauty industry for the past 15 years I know how important it is to look after your skin by using the right soap products. Some cleansers and exfoliants I used throughout my teens and twenties  dried out my skin so much that made it feel so tight that it felt like it would crack. Live an Learn…

It is best to start with a simple and gentle skincare routine from your teens, however don’t be hard on yourself if you haven’t. Get started with the basics and your skin will benefit from the effort and love you are showing it.

You can get clean beautiful skin without the use of harsh chemicals which include, synthetic fragrances, softening agents and preservatives.

Our skin is our body’s largest organ  and it’s pretty amazing. It protects the body from micro organisms, regulates the body’s internal temperature and is sensitive to touch, the heat and the cold. So in a nutshell our skin protects us, so we need to protect it too. With love.

Even though skin forms a waterproof barrier over our body, it can still breathe and absorb and transfer chemicals from the surface of the skin, into the skin and then can get past through the body.  I love using natural soaps especially knowing I’m looking after my skin without having to use such harsh chemicals.

Natural Soaps are packed with essential oils extracted from plants and clays that are naturally found in our Earth. These can help treat and calm skin conditions naturally and gently.

So if we make ONE change, it would be to try and eliminate the use of chemicals on our skin and use a natural soap for our morning shower which is effective and beneficial for our skin. The only decision you need to make is Liquid Soap or a Bar of Soap?

What do you prefer?

Would love to hear from you.


Warm Regards,

Anna, x

Naturally Loving Soap!



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